The Basics of Project Management: How to Manage Projects

Project management basics 101
Project management basics 101

Project Management 101

Are you new to project management so you feel confused about traditional PM science? Well, your feeling is quite natural, and many people just like you feel the same confusion. In order to help you become a competent project manager and be self-confident of the PM discipline, we have written and listed here a series of articles and reviews on the project management fundamentals.

The section “Project Management Basics” allows you to discover the world of the traditional science and learn the principles of project management, including generally accepted definitions, basic processes, stages, steps, phases, constraints and assumptions, duties, roles and responsibilities, skills, principles, and more.

The Benefit of the Project Management Basics

When working on the design and content of the Project Management Basics, we tried to depict information in a reader-friendly format so that you could benefit from reading and understanding definitions, terms, descriptions and explanations easily and without a need for any additional reference or link to external resources. The Basics of Project Management is a section of the PM Toolkit designed for and adapted to people who are professionally involved in managing various projects, as well as to those who are interested in learning and discovering the fundamentals of PM science. We hope our PM Basics will help you gain a better understanding of how to best plan and manage your projects.

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