Our Team and Vision Consider anything you deal with a project

Our Team

We are a small group of professionals specializing in the field of management. We are MyMG Team. Our team is ready to share their knowledge with you. Why? Because we wish you succeed in your career, business, studies, or whatever else you think is worth your time and effort. We are pleased to know if our advice is helpful for you.

Our Belief

We believe that Project Management is in the heart of any endeavor, either business or personal. We want to share our belief with you to help you understand how to make things better. Anything you might be involved in can be considered a kind of project that requires effective planning and implementation in order to be successful. Writing a book, making a phone call, buying a car, renovating a building, negotiating with partners are just a few examples of project. If you share the same understanding and want to know how to make your projects successful, then Project Management appears to be essential for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the right understanding of project management… We explore and explain project management because we want to help you succeed in managing any of your projects. We have developed the MyMG website in order to create an online resource that you can browse through to read about great ideas and effective ways of managing various projects

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you is that we dedicate our effort and time to creating a convenient and useful online knowledge base that shares guides, lessons learned and best practices of project management to help you gain insight into effective planning and delivery of your endeavors and initiatives. We are committed to helping you succeed in your career, business and life.

Our Expectations

We expect that you like the MyMG website. If at least one of the articles published on this website appears to be helpful to you, then our work is not waste of time and effort. We hope that by reading our online resource you enrich your knowledge and learn practical tips and suggestions on planning and management of your endeavors.

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