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Why Is It Important To Nurture Equity Among Student Workers

Why Is It Important to Nurture Equity among Student Workers

There are many important issues going on in the world today – openly discussing them with your colleagues is a great starting point. In the end, we must learn how to live in harmony with one another, love each other, and be there for our pals, no matter their background, color, race, religion, or sex. Promoting these ideas in the workplace will help students grow up to be responsible citizens and proud members of our society.

Interview Candidates Have These Legal Rights

Your Interview Candidates Have These Legal Rights

While tough questions and procedures are always welcomed, specific legal regulations dictate what is right and what is illegal during an interview process. In other words, some federal and state laws protect job candidates from discrimination, false promises, and other malpractices. We’ve compiled a couple of factors, rules, and regulations that every employer should pay keen attention to throughout the hiring process.

A Brief Contract Guide for Busy Freelancers

A Brief Contract Guide for Busy Freelancers

Since the client already has all the work terms in writing, is there really any point in creating a contract? While it’s true that most of your interactions with clients will go swimmingly, you should still document your agreement just in case.