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New Developments in IoT and Cybersecurity in 2020

Looking Forward to 2020: New Developments in IoT and Cybersecurity

You’re probably already using mobile devices and smartphones. You may have a smart thermostat and instant video feed of your front porch — even when you aren’t home to see who’s at the door. Here’s what else you can expect to see in 2020, and what you can do to keep your personal information safe and secure.

Notepad ++ plugins

Top-8 plugins for Notepad++ for indie developers and project teams

the most attractive thing about Notepad++ downloaded from the is the long list of preloaded plugins it comes with, as well as many others that can be downloaded from various sources. This article provides a list of the top plugins for Notepad++ to help indie developers and software teams code their projects.

5 ways project management can benefit from IoT

5 ways project management can benefit from IoT

As devices get interconnected with each other, and cloud systems are used to store data in the long run, managing resources and projects has got more comfortable. In the end, project managers have been enabled to deliver much more in the same timeframe with the Internet of Things and other emerging technologies.