Best Management Skills to Be the Best Manager

Best Management Skills

Best Management Skills

The best management skills are those abilities that let a person perform required job duties while avoiding crisis situations and mitigating the risk of failure. The development of the best management skills is a required task of every manager who wants to achieve success in his/her undertakings.

The best or core management skills become the foundation from which you can start developing more advanced practices in management and leadership. Even if you feel it’s too difficult to achieve some goal or solve some problem, often the reason behind your feeling is hidden in your poorly developed basic management skills. That’s why you should foster those skills in order to develop your best management abilities. They will help you succeed in your business, projects and life.

There are five successful management practices that turn to relate to the best management skills. If you’re good at those practices you’re likely to success in developing your abilities, and vice versa. Here are those practices for your consideration.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

One of the most important and core management skills is the ability of solving problems and making right decisions. If you resolve a problem in your company you make the right decision, therefore the employees will not be in conflict and the business resources (time, money, technology etc.) will be allocated rationally, with no waste or overspending.

Developing the best management skills involves considering the morale of your staff, the state of your work environment, optimization of workload, and subordination. Particularly, effective practices of problem solving and decision making pave the way for detecting problems early, developing right solutions and making prompt decisions.


When you know how to solve problems and make right decisions, you can start planning activities and tasks of your employees. Planning is a basic management practice referring to the best management skills.

Planning means the ability of an individual to organize an event or activity in line with predefined goals and considering available resources (time, labor etc.). If that person organizes something within the amount of available resources and according to the goals, then most likely he/she has obtained the best management skills.

To become a good manager, explore and follow best practices of setting goals, planning activities, scheduling events, allocating resources and setting up projects (also read about Key PM Skills).


Although the practice of authority delegation is not often considered to refer to the best management skills, you should note that it is required for better organization and supervision of personnel. The idea of the delegation skill consists in allowing tasks of your employees to be re-assigned and re-allocated better, considering current workload of the employees.

When you know how to delegate tasks, you can avoid a lot of troubles that might be caused by lack of workforce, time or money. By possessing the best management skills, you can delegate duties and authorities painlessly, without wasting productivity and disorganizing your staff.

Effective delegation of authority requires you to entrust your subordinates and allocate duties among them in order to achieve effective results. By possessing this management ability you will be able to re-assign tasks, grant authority to right people, and ensure employee responsibility and accountability.

Internal Communications

The way how you communicate with your employee and how you and they share information with each other defines the success of internal communications. Being one of the best management skills, internal communications allow you and your personnel to share knowledge and any information on tasks, processes, workflows, schedules, etc. within the work environment.

Internal communications refer to the basic management skills because this practice creates the foundation of group collaboration and team building. It should be noted that internal communications can be achieved and maintained in case conflicts between your employees are solved and communication systems are implemented; otherwise, the team members are likely to interrupt smooth information flows and knowledge sharing.

Being a great communicator means having the ability of reaching mutual understanding so that the parties not only exchange information efficiently but also create and share right meaning. You should establish communication channels that could allow you to collaborate with the team, prevent conflicts, resolve issues and ensure smooth information flows.

Meeting Management

When you know how to organize a meeting with your workers, you can take control of leading the team. The best management skills allow you to organize meetings by creating agendas, schedules, todo lists, presentations etc. Your ability to manage team meetings will significantly depend on your skill to communicate with your colleagues and share knowledge during the meetings.

Effective meeting management requires you be able to plan the meetings in advance by creating agendas, to share the agenda with the participants, to create an appropriate and comfortable physical environment, and to start and finish the meeting on schedule.

Daniel Linman

A business consultant working on analysis, planning, implementation and evaluation of projects. Daniel has a broad experience in developing strategies for managing business and project activities. He monitors the market trends, actively participates in various business workshops and contributes to the development of effective communications between teammates and team leaders in the companies he is working for.

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