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7 survival tips for sensible project management on the edge

7 survival tips for sensible project management

Whatever project you participate in, you have to find sensible ways to align competing stakeholder interests with the constraints of limited resources and meet rapidly changing demands in the business environment. To some extent, project management is an art of surviving or juggling too many balls in the air at a time, rather than just a static step-by-step approach.

11 Essential Time Management Hacks for Road Warriors

11 Essential Time Management Hacks for Road Warriors

For people who drive long distances such as van drivers, time is of the utmost concern. Sometimes even a slight change in strategy can save you hours of being stuck in traffic. To help you manage your time on the road better, here are 11 time management hacks especially for road warriors.

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Ten Meeting Management Tips for Markedly Improved Productivity

Many times what should be productive planning meetings turn into unproductive arguments or complete timewasters. Sometimes, as the person leading the meeting, you can spend more time diffusing bickering or trying to get people to stay focused on the topic than you do cultivating productivity. A more conductive environment can be encouraged if a few management tips are kept in mind before, during, and after the meetings.

Creating a Unique Project Management Culture in 5 Steps

The art of project management grants companies the flexibility in decision making and job organization. There are many different approaches and methodologies that help organize personnel and teams in projects, so today businesses can set up and change their project management culture much easier than earlier.

Developing a More Realistic Project Schedule

Scheduling can make or break a project. While the success of a project management initiative depends greatly upon both adequate planning and efficient execution, realistic scheduling is sometimes underestimated. Some executives don’t consider the development of a realistic schedule as sound to success as it really is. Meanwhile, adding more accuracy and explicitness to the project schedule lets align the entire work with stakeholder expectations and accounts for true risk exposure.