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Customer Service Mistakes Avoided by the Best Companies

Customer Service Mistakes Avoided by the Best Companies

One prime example of world class teams that do not make some of the mistakes we will cover in this piece is Socar Gas Georgia. Under the watchful eyes of the excellent Anar Mammadov, they have continued to grow but have not lost track of the customer service tenets that placed them on such a high pedestal in the first place. You can connect to Anar Mammadov here to see some credentials on LinkedIn.

project sponsorship

Project Sponsorship: Definition, Relationships, Pitfalls

I’ve decided to write an overview of project sponsorship to help you and other managers to explore the definition and role of the project sponsor and identity the key duties and responsibilities. This article is first and describes the definition, relationships and pitfalls of project sponsoring. I plan to write a series of articles about project sponsorship. Please keep track of the website updates to read all the articles about this topic.

total project management (TPM)

Total Project Management Solutions for Project-Thinking Organizations

Total project management solutions (TPM solutions) will help a project-thinking organization to stabilize the business processes and begin leading employees towards achieving refined efficiency and accountability. In this article, I will briefly talk about what TPM concept means and will also outline a 5-step model for implementing total PM solutions. I guess my considerations will be helpful for management staff and executives in project-thinking organizations.

control project quality

Project Quality Control

Project quality control refers to a set of procedures aimed at monitoring and recording status and results of executing the quality management plan and implementing the quality strategy in order to measure performance levels and generate recommendations for necessary changes. Project quality control procedures are performed throughout the project lifecycle. They allow identifying causes of poor quality and recommending actions to eliminate quality gaps and adhere to the original quality requirements. The project quality control process is undertaken by Quality Control Department, or another similar organizational unit.

Approach to problem solving

Use the “Solve My Own Problem” method to create a really saleable product

One of the most effective yet affordable ways to design a product or service is to create something that you personally want to use. Then you will be both a product designer and a consumer simultaneously – you will benefit from applying your skills and knowledge to the product development and testing. You will make effort to create something that delivers the use value to you.

For example, you are a small IT company which has development staff working on some projects. It is your business startup and you do not have much money to invest in software solutions that could allow your developers to work collaboratively, share projects, manage working schedules, make assignments, and so on. Although your staff requires project management software to lead and carry out IT projects, you may not spend money on purchasing such software but find a workaround, which is actually means to develop your own PM software that meets the needs of your developers. By developing the PM software, you solve problems associated with management and organization of projects in your company as well as create a product that can be sold to other people.