Author: Eric Morkovich

Scrum Methodology: Is It Right for Your Project?

Scrum Methodology: Is It Right for Your Project?

In agile project management, Scrum methodology is commonly utilized by small companies developing software products and applications. These small teams are able to use the fact that they do not have a large budget that can pay additional people, but are necessary to complete the job correctly and quickly. Such as when you are in an emergency, going into a Scrum framework makes it easy for the agile team to get their deliverables done.

A General Guide to IT Outsourcing

A CIO’s Guide to IT Outsourcing: Making the Right Decision

An IT outsourcing agreement generally refers to a commercial relationship between two or more parties, whereby one party, the contractor, provides services to another party, the customer or client. The term ‘outsourcing’ refers to an instance in which a company decides to transfer certain parts of their IT functions and processes from in-house or on-site resources to third-party outsourced providers. In this guide, you will learn about the definition and advantages of IT outsourcing and how to collaborate with technology services providers.