Author: Mary Lewinson

Why hire students and graduates

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Student

Every phenomenon in life has its advantages and disadvantages including hiring a student. There are about 20 million students in college in the United States. They have busy schedules, but they are usually free to work during summer and winter.

How Do You Write SES ECQ?

How Do You Write SES ECQ?

As you write your Executive Core Qualifications, you will look at your experience and leadership skills from a fresh perspective. You must have a sense of authority because applicants are supposed to have what it takes to be leaders. Above all, you must have a good style of writing. It all comes down to demonstrating your capabilities on paper.

How To Measure The Success of Your API Management Efforts

How To Measure the Success of Your API Management Efforts

Proper API management is also important when businesses are looking for innovative solutions. APIs allow developers to implement their functionality into their applications, adding more features that they need to streamline their operations. In addition, this shortens the time developers take before releasing a software application.