Getting the most of G Suite: productivity tips and tricks for business

Getting the most of G Suite: productivity tips and tricks for business
Getting the most of G Suite: productivity tips and tricks for business

This article describes tips and tricks for business of different sizes. Also, there is information about some useful integration of G Suite, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


G Suite is an enterprise suite of cloud services that include Google services: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and many other web collaboration solutions.

Everything from email and chat to video conferencing and collaboration on documents in real-time is provided. Google G Suite is a cloud-based product that targets businesses of all sizes. We will look at the main benefits of G Suite for business and what this service brings to the work process.

G Suite Tips and Tricks for Business

G Suite is a secure collaboration platform from anywhere, on any device. G Suite apps are also available for Android and iOS mobile devices, allowing you to work with corporate information and track changes to files even on the go.

  • Take advantage of mobility. With G Suite, you can be sure that you always have access to important information and you can stay connected, no matter what device you use. Probably, the debate about which is better than Android or iOS will never end, but it is known for sure that no matter what operating system you use, Google Apps will work properly.
  • Check activity in Google Docs. In Google Docs, you can leave comments, write text in one document, and communicate with someone in real-time. Google added a new feature to the G Suite that applies to documents, sheets, and slides. This is useful because you can see when people last checked the document to make changes. Check the Admin Console to enable Activity.
  • Try business dashboard. Anyone managing a group of people can get a wealth of information on how everyone uses G Suite. Some graphs show how often people use Gmail, Google Docs, and other apps. You can check how often everyone uses the entire package.
  • Combine data from one spreadsheet to another. This tip is even for those who know how to do calculations in Google Sheets and manage their spreadsheets like a pro. You can extract data from another spreadsheet using the = IMPORTRANGE function.
  • Smart Compose is already in G Suite. When you write a letter and enter a phrase like “Can you send more details?” You will see the suggested phrase. So if you enter “Can you send …”, Gmail will automatically add “more details.” To use a suggestion, just press the Tab key. It learns along with the way you write more letters.
  • Security with G Suite. So, you’ve done a great job with G Suite, prepared all the information on the project quickly and efficiently. But do not forget about such an important point as the reliability of storage and distribution of information. G Suite offers the most advanced information security solutions. You can use two-step authentication to connect to applications, and in addition to entering a password, you will need to enter the confirmation code that you will receive on your mobile phone. You can also allow the distribution of information only within your company or for a list of verified partners.

The Most Useful Integrations for G Suite

GSuite tips and tricks
Integration eliminates the need to switch between applications. We have selected several integrations for you that will make it easier to interact with the G Suite.

#1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Dynamics 365 integration with G Suite helps organize sales, services, and marketing. You can use a cloud or box solution. Easily integrates with other Microsoft products, while Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant can help with the CRM and set all the necessary processes. CRM consultant can cope with the integration of the service into G Suite. It consists of global management modules: sales, marketing, customer support, etc.


  • Manage contacts, support, sales, marketing, and other data in one system
  • Data visualization on a custom dashboard
  • Automation of data processing processes using scripts
  • Create templates for Word and Excel files for quick reports
  • iOS, Android, Windows and web apps available

#2. Hangouts Chat. One more G Suite integration makes it even easier to work with peers and outside contractors on a project. Hangouts Chat is a powerful tool for interacting with colleagues in your organization. It allows you to chat with one or more employees, create chat rooms for lengthy group discussions, and automate work with useful bots.

#3. The powerful Hangouts Meet service allows you to communicate face-to-face, no matter how far apart the video meeting participants are. Don’t worry if the person you’re talking to has the right account or plugin. Meet offers a simple interface and easy-to-use controls. Setting up a video meeting is easy – you just need to schedule an event in the calendar, select the right participants, and send an invitation.

#4. Jamboard. This G Suite implementation is an application with a completely new approach to ideas, brainstorms, and collaboration, where all results generated in the application are automatically sent to participants in the Jam session and saved to Google Drive.


By bringing together all the features, tools, and benefits of G Suite, we conclude that it is the perfect solution for collaboration and remote work for businesses of all sizes.

The Google team researches its users, monitors competitor solutions, and gives them a try. He tries to make sure that those who use their solutions every day can implement them in their business and work.

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