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project objectives document

Project Objectives

Establishing objectives of a project is an activity that takes place during the planning process to determine what the project is supposed to accomplish when ended. Without a clear and comprehensible definition of objectives it is impossible to plan for the end result, that is deliverables. In the following article I tried to explain what objectives mean and how to distinguish the terms “goal” and “objective” as well as the terms “deliverable” and “objective”. This article is a part of the Implementation Guide.

Project Background Definition and Writing Tips

Project Background Definition and Writing Tips

Background is one of the key characteristics of a project to explain why initiate the project, what prerequisites are, and what results are supposed to be obtained at the successful completion. The following article is a part of the Implementation Guide to help everyone involved in planning and implementing projects to learn about project background. I suppose this article as well as the whole Guide will be helpful for you. Your valued comments and suggestions are appreciated.

project phasing

Project Phases

Project phasing becomes important in the context of achieving the project’s purpose and its objectives stated by the policy. It gives information required to understand how to methodologically achieve the project’s purpose, what the project phasing process is, and which phases are typically involved in the project implementation life-cycle.

implement risk plan

Implementation of the Risk Management Plan

The process of putting a strategic plan of managing identified threats and exploiting opportunities into action is called the implementation of the risk management plan. Such a process may take many forms – this depends on the business culture of the performing organization, history of previous efforts, available resources, number of individuals involved in the project, and other factors.

Design of the Risk Management Plan

A Risk Management Plan is a formally created and approved document that describes how the risk management process will be organized, what phases it will consists of, how it will be implemented, and who will be involved in the implementation. It is a roadmap for managing identified risks and exploiting opportunities throughout the project lifecycle.