How to Handle Challenges of Project HR Management

hr mamagement challengesEmployees or human resources within projects are the most valued asset of any organization. Effective project HR management makes it easier for that organization to gain more benefits and profits from using employee skills and competencies. HR management requires an integrated approach for handling various challenges by minimizing redundancy, reducing time waste and avoiding inefficient team communications. Managers should create the working environment in which employees are enabled to maximize their performance and show their best talents and skills. To handle challenges of project HR planning and management, there are several ways or techniques, such as:

  • Focusing employees
  • Setting clear direction
  • Establishing effective communications.
  • Let’s review these techniques in detail.

    Focusing Employees

    The idea of this technique for an effective HR management process consists in making an employee focus on a thing that has a positive background. When human resources of your project have a positive focus, they are likely to do things better and show higher performance. In other words, if both concentration and awareness of a team member always have a positive aspect, the performance will tend to be higher. As a manager, you should remember that effective HR planning and management can be only achieved if employees are focused on positive results. Providing your employees with the positive focus and orientating their thoughts towards right positive aspects will make your project HR management process more efficient.

    Setting Clear Direction

    One of the greatest problems for HR managers and team leaders is to forecast and plan for the future. This challenge of project human resource management and planning turns into a disaster when team members have no idea of the project plan and do not know which direction to follow. This challenge becomes more complicated when team members do not share project values and do not realize how to help their company achieve expected results and gain profits. As a manager you should provide your team with a clear direction for the project and present an implementation plan that outlines the nearest future and gives team members the ability to see their next steps within the project.

    Establishing Communications

    The idea of this project human resource management technique turns around the following question: “How well can employees do their assignments having no effective channels to communicate with senior management and colleagues?” Perhaps, you would be amazed if you tracked how much time was wasted by your employees if they didn’t follow methods of efficient team communications. Such an issue of project HR planning & management can be solved in two ways. First, you need to regularly inform team members of what is happening within the project – this can be successfully achieved through implementing a communications plan. Secondly, you need to involve team members in the process of managing changes. Then project management best practices can be reached through communicating relevant information to right team members and sharing knowledge.

Daniel Linman

Daniel is a business analyst for a Canadian software company. He has worked on various IT projects but is most interested in systems architecture and software development. In his free time, Daniel enjoys playing the guitar, loves going for hikes, and spending time with his family.

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