Author: Jack Grabovski

Importance of Tracking Employee Training

Importance of Tracking Employee Training

Every organisation has the required skills, rules, regulations, knowledge of organisational workings, etc., that they want each new staff to know and imbibe. They pass this knowledge on through training. The need for training also goes beyond the process of onboarding new staff. Exercise is also needed throughout the employee’s stay at the organisation. The training may inform staff about current best practises or new requirements from the regulatory agencies.

Top 9 Traits of an Excellent Project Team Member

Top 9 Traits of an Excellent Team Player

In other words, if everyone’s a great team player, then there’s nothing this group of people can’t achieve. If not, even the simplest project can and will go sideways. But what does it mean to be an excellent collaborator? Let’s take a closer look at the nine traits that define one – and why becoming one should matter to you.