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risk planning process steps

Project Risk Planning Process: The Key Steps

Any project always generates a kind of challenge that makes the project manager find efficient ways to respond to various threats and uncertainties that may jeopardize successful project completion. Implementation of the risk planning process lets the manager to solve the challenge by planning for potential risks and developing solutions that reduce the likelihood of risk occurrence and mitigate the negative impact of the risks.

project stakeholder planning

Stakeholder Engagement Planning – Two Steps for Engaging Stakeholders in Project Implementation

Effective stakeholder engagement planning is a necessary part of the project implementation process to identify the level of stakeholders’ influence on the project, state their intentions and develop a strategy for managing the overall engagement process. In this article we will talk about the key steps of stakeholder engagement planning. There are two key steps for engaging stakeholders in project implementation. Please view the descriptions of the steps below.

project implementation schedule

Project Implementation Schedule: The Key Components

A well-designed project implementation schedule clarifies and describes what the project should deliver and within what time-frames. In this article you will read on how to create a time-related framework that helps project planners to deal with the “on time” part of the project objectives and what needs to be outlined to produce deliverables and achieve goals on schedule, within budget and according to expectations.

Project Boundaries Identification: The What and the Why

Project Boundaries Identification: the What and the Why

The boundaries of a project generally identify what is included within project work. Project boundaries represent one of the components of the project scope statement. This component is called “The Project Boundaries Identification“. It clearly defines the extent of the project scope (the scope baseline) and serves as an efficient tool for making decisions on the content of project work. In this article we will talk on how to identify the project boundaries and why project boundaries identification is important for implementing a project