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Project Time Tracking Tips

Five Common Tips on Tracking Time in Projects

Time tracking is one of the biggest parts of a project manager’s job. Because time is critical to success, it needs to be tracked against the schedule throughout the entire project lifecycle until all scheduled activities are accomplished, the customer accepts the product, and all documentation is closed and archived. The project manager takes primary responsibility for monitoring schedule performance, making necessary adjustments, and taking corrective action. In this article I want to highlight 5 common tips on how to make time tracking in projects more effective.

activity schedule

Project Activity Schedule Template

An activity schedule is an analytical tool for graphically presenting and reviewing the activities of a project. It helps to identify the logical sequence of the activities, estimate their duration, and denote any dependencies that exist between them. The activity schedule also serves as a foundation for allocating management authority and responsibility. Having the activity schedule prepared, the project manager can plan for further specification of resources and estimation of costs… The following Project Activity Schedule Template is designed to help project managers create the schedule. The template describes 6 steps of the schedule development process.

activities planning & scheduling

Project Activities Planning and Scheduling

Project time management includes two high-level groups of processes for planning and scheduling project activities and tasks necessary for timely completion of the project. Project activities planning and scheduling is the first process group of project time management. Developing the project implementation schedule is the second group. In this article we will review the planning and scheduling process group. We will talk about the key actions the project manager must take to undertake project activities planning and scheduling in an efficient manner.

project implementation schedule

Project Implementation Schedule: The Key Components

A well-designed project implementation schedule clarifies and describes what the project should deliver and within what time-frames. In this article you will read on how to create a time-related framework that helps project planners to deal with the “on time” part of the project objectives and what needs to be outlined to produce deliverables and achieve goals on schedule, within budget and according to expectations.