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Business puzzle assembled with consistent methodology

Benefits of using a consistent methodology in business

Having a consistent methodology in place lets decision makers establish, support and implement best practices of management in their business environment. A business methodology increases chances of success, prevents waste of time and effort, eliminates unnecessary actions, and ensures consistent reporting and analysis. If you currently use a strategic methodological approach in your company or consider implementing one, consider the four benefits of having such a roadmap in place.

project design template steps

Project Design Template: A 9-Step Approach to Designing a Project

Designing a project is a challenging task that arises at the initiation phase when the project manager defines the problem, goals, budget, resources and risks of the project. This Project Design Template helps do this task. The template offers a generic approach to developing projects in nine steps.

PRINCE2 activities

PRINCE2 Activities: Five Models of Managing Targeted Activities

The PRINCE2 methodology generates a range of activities to manage project constraints such as issues, risks, quality, business requirements, and so on. In order to plan and deliver a PRINCE2-driven project, the project manager needs to understand what activities to run and how they supposed to be managed. In this article we present five models of PRINCE2 activities. The models describe Business Case, Quality, Risks, Issues, and Work Done. The information in this article will help you better understand PRINCE2 activities.

PRINCE2 PM methodology overview

PRINCE2 Methodology Overview: History, Definition & Meaning, Benefits, Certification

The PRINCE2 methodology regards project management as a series of logical processes and procedures to create a well-controlled project environment. It provides a process-based approach that is applicable to all types of projects. Being originally developed in the United Kingdom as a standard of IT project management, today the method is widely used in many countries over the world because it provides the standardized suite of processes and procedures for safe, controlled and efficient planning and implementation of projects. Let’s learn more about the PRINCE2 methodology.

ERP PM approach

An Activity-Based Approach to ERP Project Implementation

ERP project management involves a set of processes and tools for keeping ERP project implementation on schedule, managing project costs, building and maintaining beneficial relationships with vendors and suppliers, and avoiding ERP project failure through ensuring successful utilization and regular update of ERP project management software. In this post we will talk about an activity-based approach to ERP project implementation. We will review the five steps (or activities) of this approach. The information in this article will be helpful to ERP project managers and other professionals who can use the approach to control the critical phases of planning for a new ERP project implementation system.