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software project ROI

How to Maximize Return on Software Investment Project

Because of increasing competition and growing business demands, today’s organizations are looking at increasing their investments in software and IT sector. IT and software investment projects are regarded as a way to grow business, improve competitiveness, and strengthen leading positions. However, the economic recovery remains uncertain, and most companies are concerned with gaining the most from their software investment dollars… This article describes a methodology organizations can employ to maximize the return on software investment projects. The methodology allows speeding project implementation and achieving ROI faster. It will show you how to define and track performance metrics to maximize the return on your software investment project.

A business case for IT investment project

IT Investment Business Case in 7 Steps

When a business organization decides whether or not to invest in a kind of technology innovation project, the first thing this organization needs to consider is the business value that can be delivered with this project. In such situations, a business case can be used as a framework for measuring business value and profitability of IT investment opportunities in terms of ROI (Return on Investment). In this article you will find out how to develop a business case for an IT investment project. Here we describe a 7-step approach to writing IT investment business case.

6 Tips for investing in ERP project

Planning for an ERP Investment Project in 6 Steps

Leading organizations regard ERP solutions as cost-effective investment projects that will deliver value to their business. But these organizations remain cautious about such projects because of economic recovery and business changes. They need to be sure technology investments will be profitable and value-driven. And careful planning will be a great way to ensure the business value and profitability of any ERP investment project. In this article, let’s talk about planning for ERP investments in a typical company.