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Project WBS

Developing Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

When all the deliverables of the project are defined and the scope is clearly stated, the project manager needs to answer this question: How to make relationships between the deliverables and project work? A work breakdown structure (WBS) is the way to do this. A WBS creates links between the deliverables and their numerous components at all possible levels of project work. It serves as a foundation for planning and defining 100% of the work planned for completion.

activities planning & scheduling

Project Activities Planning and Scheduling

Project time management includes two high-level groups of processes for planning and scheduling project activities and tasks necessary for timely completion of the project. Project activities planning and scheduling is the first process group of project time management. Developing the project implementation schedule is the second group. In this article we will review the planning and scheduling process group. We will talk about the key actions the project manager must take to undertake project activities planning and scheduling in an efficient manner.

ERP PM approach

An Activity-Based Approach to ERP Project Implementation

ERP project management involves a set of processes and tools for keeping ERP project implementation on schedule, managing project costs, building and maintaining beneficial relationships with vendors and suppliers, and avoiding ERP project failure through ensuring successful utilization and regular update of ERP project management software. In this post we will talk about an activity-based approach to ERP project implementation. We will review the five steps (or activities) of this approach. The information in this article will be helpful to ERP project managers and other professionals who can use the approach to control the critical phases of planning for a new ERP project implementation system.


Statement of Work (SOW) – What It Means and Who Writes It

Writing a statement of work (SOW) is an arduous task, and many projects were failed because of too vague, broad or generic SOW. The failure to properly develop and execute a statement of work is also the reason why project parties end up in a dispute. Let’s try to understand what SOW means and how to develop it properly.