Why Online College is the Best Choice: 6 Main Advantages

In recent years, education has slowly, but surely, moved from the traditional classroom setup to online learning. Most colleges now offer online degrees, and the number of students opting for online classes is rising each year.

With over six million Americans pursuing this type of education, online studies have become one of the most popular education alternatives today. If you’re looking for a college but can’t move away because of your work, social, or domestic situation, then consider enrolling in one of the several online colleges in the US.

With a total of 1246 higher learning institutions, 53 of which are public, and 172 private universities, California, holds the largest number of these institutions in the US. The state is home to some of the most popular institutions including Stanford University and The University of California. So, typically, with such a beautiful educational background, California offers the best online education for anyone in the US and beyond.

Most of the online colleges in California have excellent rankings and offer online programs that can lead to a rewarding career. Studying online truly offers many privileges and it is definitely an option worth considering.

Online College is Cheaper than Traditional Classroom Learning

The following list includes six main advantages of online education:

1. Career Advancement Options

Studying online is an excellent way to re-skill and up-skill, which can help you advance your career.

According to a Learning House survey, at least 44% of students studying online reported improvements in their employment standing. Some received a salary raise and others full-time employment within a few months of study.

Online courses allow you to fit lectures into your busy and jam-packed schedule, which makes it easier to keep up with work and dedicate more time to your career.

2. Offers Flexibility

Pursuing an online course offers more control over your schedule. You can even plan your other activities as you study. It is even better if you are taking an asynchronous class, which means that you don’t have a specific time to log into class but can study and interact with instructors and fellow students at your own set time.

You can follow your online classes in your pajamas, from the couch near the fireplace, in the study room, or in the café across the street. You can even listen to lecture audiotapes while you’re at the gym exercising, cleaning your home, or flying for vacation or a business trip.

Online class means that you no longer have to commute to attend a lecture – thus no need to worry about driving in the snowstorm or sometimes missing a class due to traffic.

You can plan your study time according to your plans for the rest of your day, instead of the other way around. Most course resources are available online, so you no longer have to go to the library to access them.

3. Bridges the Distance Gap

Technological stride has made education accessible now more than ever. With just a computer and internet access, anyone can attend an online course no matter where they live. Students can enroll for various courses, even from another state or country.

Distance learning offers people the opportunity to study an infinite amount of subjects at different levels and disciplines and get official certificates wherever they are.

Also, online learning allows diversity. The web doesn’t separate people based on their county, city, state, or country borders. Your fellow students can be from a different culture or continent. Online learning lets you meet and interact with people from different cultures who broaden your horizons, which makes the learning experience more enjoyable.

Online classes make learning more accessible not only to those living away from the college but also for those with restricted mobility.

Online Classes are More Engaging than Classroom Studies

4. Online Classes are More Engaging than Classroom Studies

Educators are embracing online classes because students tend to engage more with these types of lessons as opposed to psychically attending lectures in a classroom.

California State University in San Bernadino performed a study between two sets of students. One group of online learners and another on students present in a classroom, where both groups received similar instructions from the same professor.

The study revealed that online students were less intimidated and showed full participation and interaction between them and the professor than those in classrooms.

5. Study at your Own Pace

Students don’t absorb things at the same pace. Some students tend to capture ideas faster than others.

In an online class, you can study at your own personal speed and intensity. You can rewind and replay the audio as many times as possible until you grasp the idea. It lets you focus more time and effort in areas you want – unlike a classroom setup where it’s challenging to keep asking the professor who may sometimes refuse to repeat the point.

Fast learners may also feel like they are being held back by the slower learners. Slower learners, on the other hand, may feel embarrassed by their learning pace, which can affect them mentally and academically.

In an online environment, you decide the pace of your learning. Also, there is no competition with anyone else, and you will not feel undue pressure or be held back.

6. Online College is Cheaper than Traditional Classroom Learning

When attending campus regularly, you spend several thousands of dollars in transportation, fuel, and rooms. Online learning saves you all of those expenses.

Also, you save a lot of overhead costs. You can save on the costs of buying a lot of supplies, including writing utensils, papers, and other materials that physical lectures demand. And, you don’t have to buy new classroom supplies every semester when you’ve barely used them – in fact, most of those supplies can be reused in the new semester.

Online colleges help reduce lots of college-related expenses, which makes learning cheaper. Therefore, you’ll need no or fewer student loans. When you save cash on education, you can use the money to pay for other things or even buy a home or go on vacation.

Key Takeaway

Online degree programs have widened education options. With online courses, you no longer have to be confined in that four-walled lecture hall to get online degrees from accredited institutions. It’s time to take advantage of the numerous benefits online learning has available for you.

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