PRINCE2 Training Courses – 5 Reasons to Study PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology

PRINCE2 Training Courses – 5 Reasons to Study PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology

For people looking for a project management methodology that could help successfully step through the project life cycle while focusing the project manager’s role on project delivery, PRINCE2 training courses are recommended by most PMPs (project management professionals) and also experts in the field of PM training. PRINCE2 project management methodology is one of the best ways to plan and manage any project regardless of project size or type.

PRINCE2 methodology: overview and qualification levels

Choosing between PRINCE2 Qualification Levels

PRINCE2 is a flexible traditional methodology of project management (PM) that can be applied to almost any projects regardless of their size and type. The methodology allows focusing on the several constraints (Cost, Time, Quality, etc.) to drive projects on schedule and succeed in benefits realization, while minimizing risks and ensuring acceptable quality. In this article, I talk about the PRINCE2 qualification levels and briefly describe each of the levels in order to help you choose between the levels. Hopefully my work will help you understand the methodology and the qualification levels.

Integration Management

Project Integration Management Template

The process of managing a project wouldn’t be complete and comprehensive if the activities of integration management weren’t implemented. This Project Integration Management Template includes four major categories to give an overview of integrated project management and describe the six key processes of integration management. The template is a simple guide that is helpful for managers and planners who need preliminary information about the integration management processes.

project success through team leadership

Team Leadership as a Driving Force for Project Success

For business companies, project success is like a race in which they participate to earn a competitive advantage. Effective team leadership and management is an opportunity for those companies to win the race and get the prize – project success… Team leadership theories and team management practices focus us on creating a work environment where team members can easily collaborate with each other, jointly work on achieving shared goals, and efficiently produce results in teamwork. Effective team leadership is also the starting point for a project manager to begin achieving success. It’s the end point of PM activities to benefit from the project that has been successfully delivered and accomplished. Let’s find out Team leadership activities make it possible to motivate teams towards almost hopeless project efforts and engage people on doing things that seem to be impossible.

business process improvement

Business Process Improvement – A Four-Step Model

Business process improvement is critical to a growing organization that needs to continuously analyze and refine its business processes and ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of business management activities. When the processes are well tuned and adjusted to current needs of the organization, the probability of success gets higher, and the organization is about to earn more competitive advantages in the marketplace. Business process improvement is one of the prioritized management activities to create a foundation for continuous development of the organization