IT Project Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing Service for Project Management

IT project outsourcing is one of the central questions that are discussed by people involved in outsourced IT project management. The challenge is that it’s hard to reach cost-effective management of outsourced IT projects because such projects are highly individualized and often have special needs. IT and software project outsourcing requires a special approach to budgeting and planning, which is different from in-house IT project setup and management. In this article we’ll talk about the challenge for outsourced IT project management and describe a few services that help cost-effectively manage IT outsourcing activities.

project scope management

Managing Scope for Project Success

Can you start a new project without having a clear scope statement? Perhaps, you can’t. The project scope management process is required to make a stable foundation for scope. Implementation of the process ensures project success. Project scope management is essential because it helps teams make scope unambiguous and carefully managed. The project scope management process provides a formalized set of procedures for stating, executing, tracking and controlling scope. In this article we’ll focus on the goals and functions of the process. I hope the information written in the article will give a better understanding of project scope management and help you plan and do your projects more efficiently.

agile PM

Agile PM Adoption – The Challenges and the Steps

Traditional project delivery has similar principles and practices with the agile project management methodology (Agile PM methodology). Both approaches aim to deliver measurable results in timely manner. Agile PM adoption – or a transition from the traditional project delivery approach to the agile project methodology – becomes a quite predictable and manageable activity that can be accurately planned in a sequence of simple steps taken before any actual development process takes place.

Prince2 Process Model

Prince2 Process Map – A Quick Overview

Among a variety of project management (PM) methodologies, Prince2 is one of the most popular methodologies for organizing, managing and controlling projects. There are eight high-level Prince2 processes that characterize the PM methodology. The processes are the framework for planning Prince2 projects and dividing the project management process into four Prince2 phases. In this article we will talk about the Prince2 process model for planning and managing successful Prince2 projects.

Marketing PM software

Key Software Tools to Succeed in Marketing Projects

Taking into account today’s business efficiencies, marketing project management is one of the key business management activities to take the highest opportunity in an organization for improving performance and increasing the overall business growth. Marketing project management software is a solution that allows performing the marketing function efficiently through using the principles of project management and planning. It paves the way for focusing marketing project managers and planners on analyzing customer orientation and investigating ways for satisfying customer needs through developing detailed plans, scheduling marketing projects, analyzing and mitigating risks, monitoring performance, building marketing project reports and measuring success. In this article we’ll describe several key marketing project management tools that help establish a working environment in which marketers, analysts and planners can efficiently plan, do, monitor and report marketing project initiatives.