How to choose the right logo for your business

How to choose the right logo for your business

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you want to run, chances are that you have competition in the market. So, unless you take appropriate measures to boost your presence and get an edge over others, you can lose your customers to your rivals. One of these measures can be as simple as picking the right logo for your company.

Why Picking the Perfect Logo is Important?

Your logo is the public face of your company. Your customers, business partners, and even rival businesses will judge you based on the logo. So, it’s important that the design you pick looks premium, unique and attractive.

Picking a good logo also allows you to share your vision and mission with the world. It lets everyone know what your business is all about and how you differ from other businesses. You can establish authority, win trust, and establish an international presence with the help of a good logo alone.

If you think that designing the perfect logo is difficult, then you will be glad to know that it’s not really the case. You can design great logos without any difficulties or spending a fortune. Once you decide on the type of logo you want, all you have to do is keep the following in mind:


Fonts for your business logo design


Fonts play a huge role in logo design. They carry emotions and reflect certain attributes that can be seen in human nature. For instance, Serif fonts are often used in conservative and classic designs to portray a sophisticated brand, Sans Serif fonts, on the other hand, are used to grab attention and they come off as bold for the same reason. In the same way, other fonts reflect different attributes.


Just like fonts, colors are important in logo design too. In fact, you can study an entire subject dedicated to color psychology in branding and marketing– it’s so important!

Colors allow you to evoke different emotions in your customers. Popular brands have already used the power of color psychology to establish market dominance and appeal to select demographics. For instance, Coca-Cola uses Red as the primary color as it goes well with the brand’s philosophy which is “celebrating life” (red translates to enthusiasm, passion, and excitement). In the same way, Dell logo uses the color blue because it wants to show characteristics like trust and reliance.

The following are some of the most popular colors used in logos along with their attributes:

  1. RED

Used for: enthusiasm, health, love, passion energy, life.

Red is largely used to reflect life and energy. Many food companies have used it successfully including Red Bull, Coca-Cola, etc. Since it also shows excitement, companies like ESPN and YouTube have used it in their designs as well.

  1. GREEN

Used for: peace, nature, harmony, prosperity.

Green is the color of fertility and growth. It’s also associated with green and organic products which is why we see it in brands working in recycling, gardening, agriculture, nature, etc. These include Animal Planet, Tropicana, etc.

  1. BLACK

Used for: formality, boldness, authority, power, elegance.

Black is a formidable and bold color. It’s the perfect choice when you want to establish authority or class. It’s also a premium color that can easily go well with other colors and backgrounds. Popular brands that have used it include Adidas, Ray-Ban, etc.

  1. BLUE 

Used for: trust, wisdom, loyalty, confidence.

Blue is a soothing and inviting color which is why when you see a logo that uses it, you are able to trust the company with ease. It’s also used to reflect intelligence which is why a large number of IT companies have incorporated it in their designs. These include HP, Dell, Windows, IBM, etc.


Simplicity in your business logo design

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Many companies try to make their logos look more too elaborate and grand by adding different elements in a single design. This overcomplicates the visuals which is something you don’t want. This is because simple designs are more powerful and memorable. Think of all the popular logos you know-Nike, Apple, Sony, etc. All these logos are iconic and well-recognized around the world. However, all of them are incredibly simple too even though the brands generate billions of dollars’ worth of revenue every year.

If you want to be creative with your logo, then, by all means, you should go for it. After all, the whole point of branding is to be unique and different. However, you can be creative while being simple. Many brands have done it including Twitter, YouTube, etc.


Here is something that many entrepreneurs who have limited design experience get wrong- a logo has to be attractive to be successful, but it also needs to be relevant to the business. For instance, if you sell kids toys, then it will make sense to use bright colors and fancy fonts in your logo. On the other hand, if your business offers specialized software programming services, then you can go with sober colors and formal fonts.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind in logo designing is that an appropriate logo doesn’t have to be direct and obvious. For instance, when McDonald’s was creating their perfect logo, they could have gone with something like a burger icon and its name. However, they instead went with a bold “M” that looked attractive and unique. This built the foundation for the brand’s visual identity and now the entire world recognizes the food chain through the logo.

The takeaway point here is that your logo should have relevance with the target demographic but you don’t necessarily need to use obvious ideas and concepts. Instead, you should wear your thinking cap and put some originality into your works.


An impeccable logo isn’t designed in size small, medium or large- it’s versatile! In other words, it can be scaled up or down, or physically modified in different forms with ease.

A logo needs to be flexible enough to be used for business cards, websites, billboards, and promotional products like coffee mugs and baseball hats. Professional designers know this which is why when they create new logos, they try to design them in a way that they can be used in various ways.


Timeleness in business logo design


Unless you are building a brand that is meant to live a short life, your logo should be the kind that lasts for years, if not decades. Getting this point right can be tricky even though there are many examples to consider- Intel, IBM, and Nike. These logos have stayed the same for years, and it’s only because these were designed keeping the future in mind.

If you will design a logo that’s based on today’s trends, then it’s possible that it may lose its significance in a few years when these trends go out of style. So, it’s important that you pick designs that are unaffected by fads and pop culture references.

Bottom Line

Just like you can achieve business value through talent management, you can achieve your growth targets with a branding strategy that’s backed by a powerful logo. In today’s world where we have access to all kinds of branding tools, creating a premium logo has become easier than ever anyway. So, what are you waiting for? Create the perfect logo for your company today and see how it can make a massive difference!

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