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4 Steps to Creating and Managing a Project Budget

4 Steps to Creating and Managing a Project Budget

This discussion shows that budget creation and management are achievable. You’ll have an easy time with the right guidance as this article gives. Therefore, consider implementing the tips given herein, and you’ll complete your project as planned without financial hitches, all other factors constant.

How to overcome project failure

How to Overcome Project Failure and Succeed in Project Management

An attempt to overcome previously failed projects and succeed in future initiatives can be challenging. If your project has been launched before but failed for some reasons, most likely your team and other stakeholders have a negative mindset towards the failure reasons can be addressed and a new project will be successful. The customer or/and the sponsor of the failed project may even convince themselves that they no longer need the outcome that was expected for delivery and so they’re not going to give a new try. Meanwhile, a thorough analysis of failed project management (PM) can greatly help understand what was done wrong, develop feasible solutions, and remove any barrier for future success. Below I give a 6-step approach I personally use in my organization to overcome project failure and succeed in PM.