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organizational chart for project

How to Develop a Project Organization Chart in 6 Basic Steps

When the objectives of a project are identified and an approach to achieving those objectives is developed, it is necessary to select people who will be involved in the project. Developing an organization chart is a project stage that aims to identify and recruit individuals and also specify their roles and responsibilities and determine how they will interact with each other throughout the project life cycle.

software project ROI

How to Maximize Return on Software Investment Project

Because of increasing competition and growing business demands, today’s organizations are looking at increasing their investments in software and IT sector. IT and software investment projects are regarded as a way to grow business, improve competitiveness, and strengthen leading positions. However, the economic recovery remains uncertain, and most companies are concerned with gaining the most from their software investment dollars… This article describes a methodology organizations can employ to maximize the return on software investment projects. The methodology allows speeding project implementation and achieving ROI faster. It will show you how to define and track performance metrics to maximize the return on your software investment project.

How to Launch a New Project (A Quick Guide for Project Managers)

How to Launch a New Project (A Quick Guide for Project Managers)

As you’ve been appointed to a new project, you must take the role of project manager. But how will you do this role? What activities are you going to perform to ensure the success of your project startup? In this article we talk about the basics of the startup process. You will read about the skills you must possess to be a good project manager. Here we also talk about the steps of managing the startup stage.

Top 10 Tips on managing a project effectively

How to Manage a Project Effectively

The top 10 tips and considerations about reaching effectiveness in managing various projects are described in this publication. Here we talk about the meaning of project effectiveness and explain what means to be effective in terms of producing design results.

3 steps to preparing project budget

How to Prepare a Project Budget in Three Generic Steps

Preparing a budget sheet for a proposed project is a critical activity that helps ensure whether the project is provided with all necessary funds. It aims to confirm direct and indirect project costs are fully covered by the budget, with no cost overruns and underestimates. Let’s find out how to prepare a project budget in three generic steps.