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project sponsorship

Project Sponsorship: Definition, Relationships, Pitfalls

I’ve decided to write an overview of project sponsorship to help you and other managers to explore the definition and role of the project sponsor and identity the key duties and responsibilities. This article is first and describes the definition, relationships and pitfalls of project sponsoring. I plan to write a series of articles about project sponsorship. Please keep track of the website updates to read all the articles about this topic.

project stakeholder planning

Stakeholder Engagement Planning – Two Steps for Engaging Stakeholders in Project Implementation

Effective stakeholder engagement planning is a necessary part of the project implementation process to identify the level of stakeholders’ influence on the project, state their intentions and develop a strategy for managing the overall engagement process. In this article we will talk about the key steps of stakeholder engagement planning. There are two key steps for engaging stakeholders in project implementation. Please view the descriptions of the steps below.

scope of product

Product Scope and Stakeholder Requirements

Stating the project scope requires developing the project deliverables statement that describes the product/service to be produced at the project’s completion. Meanwhile, there is also a need to set up the scope for the product and define its key characteristics (features and functions). In this article we will talk about the product scope statement and also describe the three steps for managing stakeholder requirements.

Streering Committee

Project Governance Structure: the Steering Committee and Decision-Making Process

Without a flexible governance structure most projects are likely to fail with achieving a successful outcome. A governance structure is the framework for resolving issues and managing problems that arise during the project life cycle, and for considering recommendations on planning project deliverables. The Steering Committee is an element of the structure. In this article we will review what a sample project governance structure means and what the Steering Committee is