Always Stand for Your Dream, Then the Right Decision Will Be Obvious To You

stand for your dream alwaysIf you ask a person on the street whether he or she has the best management ideas, you are likely to get plenty of the best management thoughts from that person.

And it seems to be, most of us have many ideas and thoughts that could be implemented to manage things better. Someone has an idea of organizing a home-based business, the other one dreams of the way to manage tasks better, etc. The rest people may think about how to make their lives healthier and more cheerful.

While we have plenty of the best management ideas and thoughts, most of us do not know what actually to do with all this baggage. Frequently people do not believe that they are capable to make a change. That is the big problem. We live under the pressure of our own fears and suffer from the lack of self-confidence. Only few of us have reached success and realized ideas.

When you do not believe in your abilities to realize your management ideas, everything is likely to be an argument that blocks your further initiatives and efforts. When you are not sure of what to do next and what goal to achieve in the nearest future, circumstances will force you to be inactive and to do nothing.

Let’s see an example…You are an owner of several restaurants and you toughly stand for selling the food which includes only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients. Your restaurants have an established reputation of the places where anybody can eat the healthy and natural food. You do not waste your time on deciding whether you should include some artificial substitutes of natural ingredients in your products or not.

There is no such a question for you because the answer is quite clear. You are standing on your own even despite the fact that organic products are more expensive. And your customers know well that in your restaurants they can always taste organic products, and they are ready to pay more dollars for that food.

In this example you believe that your food should include only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients. You stand on your own, and your customers share this best management idea with you. They like to eat the healthy food even paying more money for the quality and natural ingredients.

Remember that one of critical success factors refers to your believing in your own abilities to realize your best ideas. You should always stand for your dream – then the right decision will be obvious to you.

Daniel Linman

Daniel is a business analyst for a Canadian software company. He has worked on various IT projects but is most interested in systems architecture and software development. In his free time, Daniel enjoys playing the guitar, loves going for hikes, and spending time with his family.

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