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scope of product

Product Scope and Stakeholder Requirements

Stating the project scope requires developing the project deliverables statement that describes the product/service to be produced at the project’s completion. Meanwhile, there is also a need to set up the scope for the product and define its key characteristics (features and functions). In this article we will talk about the product scope statement and also describe the three steps for managing stakeholder requirements.

programme risk and opportunities

How to Respond to Programme Threats and Opportunities

rogramme risk management is a series of processes and activities targeted to identifying, evaluating, responding to, and controlling any threats and opportunities that surround a programme (within a project or business process). Managing programme risks is a great way to make a programme feasible and pave the way for good strategic, operational, project and programme management. Responding to programme threats and opportunities is an integral part of the programme risk management process. In this article we will talk about several ways for responding to programme risks and taking opportunities for improvement project and programme management. Let’s start with responses to programme threats and then describe responses to programme opportunities.

project scope management

Managing Scope for Project Success

Can you start a new project without having a clear scope statement? Perhaps, you can’t. The project scope management process is required to make a stable foundation for scope. Implementation of the process ensures project success. Project scope management is essential because it helps teams make scope unambiguous and carefully managed. The project scope management process provides a formalized set of procedures for stating, executing, tracking and controlling scope. In this article we’ll focus on the goals and functions of the process. I hope the information written in the article will give a better understanding of project scope management and help you plan and do your projects more efficiently.

project scope statement

Project Scope Statement

How to write a project scope statement document? This question is the central one during the project initiation phase because a well-written project scope statement example is the guarantee that the project description, boundaries, deliverables and approaches are determined and stated in clear and unambiguous terms. In this article we will talk about the project scope statement definition and what sections are included into the scope statement document.

pm triangle

Project Management Plan and Three Angles of PM Triangle

Project Management Plan is not a one-time and permanent document; it’s developed at planning stage and continuously updated throughout the project as new changes occur. Project Management Plan includes definitions of an owner’s objectives, technical requirements, calendars and schedules, resources, budgets, and management actions. PM Plan also gives a foundation to calculate and prove efficiency. In the context of project documentation, PM Plan serves as the basis and outlines the commissioning plan for the complete execution.