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how to measure project status

Measuring the State of Your Project

Projects should be measured against certain criteria so that executives will know what is being delivered and what decisions should be made during delivery. Project managers measure the status of their projects to determine whether the deliverables are produced, quality expectations are met, and expenses are covered. Project state helps figure out whether the team remains aligned with the priority items, expected ROI is met, the quality of the final product is sufficient, and so on… In this article, let’s find out how to measure project status. You will read about the major dimensions you can use in measuring the state of your project.

Project Scope Management

Managing Project Scope: Key Reasons and Steps

Project scope is the specification of work by tasks with deadlines to be performed under certain requirements. Managing project scope means ensuring that tasks and deadlines remains effective at any given point in the project lifecycle. The process of managing scope aims to protect a project from undesired deviations from the planned course of action. If this process fails, the project appears to be less effective or even failing because project outcome (product, service) may be rejected by the customer. In this article let’s talk about the essentials of effective project scope management. Here I describe the need for performing the process and explain what basic steps of the process are.

Project Boundaries Identification: The What and the Why

Project Boundaries Identification: the What and the Why

The boundaries of a project generally identify what is included within project work. Project boundaries represent one of the components of the project scope statement. This component is called “The Project Boundaries Identification“. It clearly defines the extent of the project scope (the scope baseline) and serves as an efficient tool for making decisions on the content of project work. In this article we will talk on how to identify the project boundaries and why project boundaries identification is important for implementing a project