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Mind Mapping for project planning and management

Mind Mapping for Project Planning and Management

Creativity, patience and organizational ability are all important talents for project managers, but detailed documentation is a critical success factor which should addressed first of all, and mind mapping is a great way to manage project documentation. Because mind maps create visual and easy-to-understand-and-follow documents, many professionals regard this tool as ideal for project planning and management. Priorities, tasks, dependencies, milestones, resources, durations, lead times and more can be visualized and presented to the team with help of mind mapping software. And you don’t have to be well experienced in idea visualization and presentation – everything you need is to use your creativity and have right understanding of subject matter to stimulate your mind and create a project map, either Gantt chart, WBS hierarchy, Team organizational chart, or whatever else document.

Create a meeting agenda

Creating a Meeting Agenda

A good agenda helps improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of any meeting; however it is frequently one of the most overlooked parts in the event planning process. Creating a meeting agenda can be compared to passing an examination when you need to complete all the tests in order to get the highest grades. In case one or more items are not completed you get lower grades; the same way, if you fail to include all necessary items in your agenda template the meeting is likely to be held ineffectively, with no expected results achieved.

How to manage the baseline of project

Project Baseline and How to Manage It

For every project there are three constraints of Scope, Time and Cost which determine the project baseline. The baseline is used as a performance measure to analyze and approve/reject changes or deviations to the project… In this article I’m going to describe what project baseline means and will also give an example of how to manage the baseline.

project plan steps

Developing a Project Plan in 5 Steps

Planning is a basic management process that involves formulation of a detailed scheme or action scenario to get optimization between the needs and available resources within a project. Developing a project plan is the primary goal of that process. A project plan explains in detail what amount of work to do and how to achieve the objectives, by whom, and when. It is the most prioritized document that provides a roadmap for the project manager to follow. In this article you will find out the 5 steps to developing a winning plan for your project.

6 Tips for investing in ERP project

Planning for an ERP Investment Project in 6 Steps

Leading organizations regard ERP solutions as cost-effective investment projects that will deliver value to their business. But these organizations remain cautious about such projects because of economic recovery and business changes. They need to be sure technology investments will be profitable and value-driven. And careful planning will be a great way to ensure the business value and profitability of any ERP investment project. In this article, let’s talk about planning for ERP investments in a typical company.