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Ideal Precautions While Making a Project Management Plan

Ideal Precautions While Making a Project Management Plan

A project management plan is only as good as it is effective while taking into account all the variables that impact the execution and the outcomes it is defined to produce. In fact, you may very well come across various factors that can deeply influence a project management plan to yield potential results.

Avoid Inadequate Planning, the Primary Project Management Mistake

Inadequate planning is considered the number one mistake in project management. Many troubles can be prevented and tracked by effective and efficient planning. So this time I’m going to describe what primary mistake some executives make when trying to set up and handle their project initiatives.

Avoid Spending Too Much Time at Project Planning

Planning is vital to success. A well-planned project makes 80% of successful product delivery, while the rest 20% are achieved by effective control and execution. However, good planning doesn’t mean that a project manager needs to spend most of his/her time on creating and polishing a project plan. Instead, this executive must proportionate the time spent on the planning stage to the time expected for project implementation to ensure that valuable resources aren’t wasted and real progress is made.