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rules to implement PMBOK Guide ideas

3 Rules to Put the Ideas of the PMBOK® Guide into Practice

Recently I heard from my colleagues (who’re project managers just like me) that after passing their PMI PMP certification exams they found it difficult to implement the ideas of the PMBOK® Guide within their projects. The point was, my colleagues didn’t realize that real-life project management (PM) was something different than the content of the PMBOK® Guide. Just memorizing and learning situational ideas and typical case studies of the manual didn’t allow them to practice effective PM… So, in this article I wanted to highlight three main rules that allowed my friends to put the ideas of the PMBOK® Guide into practice. I hope my suggestions will help you do effective PM as well.

idea protection checklist

A Checklist for Business Idea Protection

Having a truly original for your business is not enough for successful start of your company because there is a strong need to protect it. Business idea protection is a strategically important activity of efficient small business management that requires you to know how to protect a business idea and secure your intellectual property. If you don’t protect your idea, other people are likely to steal it from you and then your business won’t be unique and even not effective. Just imagine: you have invented a method for recycling and established a recycling company that today takes care of removing and recycling all the garbage from the streets of your city. But somehow your competitors have stolen your recycling technology and started using it. Now you are not so competitive as you were and you lose your money.

stand for your dream always

Always Stand for Your Dream, Then the Right Decision Will Be Obvious To You

If you ask a person on the street whether he or she has the best management ideas, you are likely to get plenty of the best management thoughts from that person. And it seems to be, most of us have many ideas and thoughts that could be implemented to manage things better. Someone has an idea of organizing a home-based business, the other one dreams of the way to manage tasks better, etc. The rest people may think about how to make their lives healthier and more cheerful.