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6 Essential Tips for First-Time Leaders

6 Essential Tips for First-Time Leaders

When it comes to promoting talented, persuasive individuals into their first role as a team leader, how will you know if they’re a good fit for the new position? As a manager, you would want to assess their performance first and see how they’re doing their job. However, don’t assume that a high-performing employee would automatically become an effective leader – especially if this person had never managed a group of people. Here are 5 essential tips to help first-time leaders succeed and avoid failure.

How Leadership Training Can Help with Project Management

How Leadership Training Can Help with Project Management

A role in project management is potentially a very demanding and difficult job. It requires a variety of skills and personality traits to take on such a position, with each individual person possessing different qualities beneficial to the role. However, there is always room for improvement. Anyone with a role in project management should consider taking part in a leadership training course, such as those offered by Cirrus Connect. There are a variety of different benefits to participating in this type of training.

Addressing the Skills Gap, or How to Retain Talents

Hiring professionals for new jobs or replacing those workers who have left is challenging for many companies, especially for those specializing in manufacturing and distribution. Today almost 80% of hiring managers and HR professionals cannot find necessary talents to fill critical project roles.

Tips on averting pitfalls of leadership

Horrible Bosses: Avert the Pitfalls of Leadership

The tenets of effective leadership are simple to comprehend but difficult to achieve. With some introspective journeying to determine your values and vision, and implementing techniques to gear your company toward growth, anyone can rise as a great leader; but first you must rid yourself of ineffectual management tactics. The tips and the roadmap provided in this article will be helpful.

top 10 project leadership skills

Project Manager’s Top 10 Skills to Be an Effective Leader

A good project manager always knows for sure how to be effective in managing teams. That person has a certain set of skills and talents that make him/her an effective project leader. But what are those leadership qualities? How to be good at project leadership? Below I give a list of the top 10 skills that every project manager must possess and develop in order to be an effective leader. The skills are listed in rank order, according to their importance.