Want a Successful Business? Here’s Why You Need to Focus on Social Media

Want a Successful Business? Here’s Why You Need to Focus on Social Media

Do you remember commercials and radio ads and how annoying they were? You probably do. With the majority of us now streaming our entertainment, these types of advertising are still effective but not as effective. So just what can a company do to get noticed?

Social media is the new way to get consumers to notice you. Currently, businesses rely on clicks and impressions to know how well their ads were doing in today’s market, but there are more options than that now, thanks to social media marketing… Today people can find you on social media and then decide if they want to conduct business with your company.

Let’s take a look at the many facets of social media and why your business absolutely needs it.

Social Media Influences User Behavior

Facebook has more influence over consumers’ buying behavior than all other social media platforms combined. When asked where consumers were likely to buy from, 52% responded they would buy from a company they follow on Facebook. This does not mean other platforms don’t work since the remaining 48% of social media users would buy from companies on the remaining platforms.

Target Marketing is Easier on Social Media

Target marketing is when you focus only on individuals who will purchase your products. Facebook has an insight tool so you can target specific profiles. Other platforms let you choose different attributes of your products to find the right audience.

Once you narrow down the people you want to reach, you want to start interacting with them by doing simple things like answering their questions, responding to comments, and doing live videos. To do all of this extra work, you’re going to have to make sure you have an updated career website to attract the right individuals. You don’t want to waste your time interviewing people who don’t have experience with social media; you’ll want to make this one of your primary focuses.

People Spend Hours On Social Media

It’s no longer young people who are using social media. Because of platforms such as Pinterest, older generations are spending more time on it. Most brands that use social media for marketing say that using target marketing and frequently updating their business page is the best way to attract new customers.

Four Social Media Sites People Spend the Most Time on

  • TikTok 10.85 minutes
  • Pinterest 5.06 minutes
  • Reddit 4.96 minutes
  • Facebook 4.82 minutes

TikTok… If you haven’t heard of it, you need to look into it. This platform has had over 850 million downloads in the last few years and was the most globally downloaded app of 2020. One thing to know is that over 58% of their users are female and spend more time on this app than any other.

Learn Customers Buying Behaviors

With social media marketing, you can easily follow what your customer likes and dislikes to create a better marketing strategy to attract similar customers. By learning their patterns, you will know what works and doesn’t work.

With this information, you will make better use of your time by using proven strategies. Another way you can find out what customers want is to go to their page to read comments, see their shares, and what they are posting.

Another idea that goes along with this is you can also visit your competitors’ Facebook pages. You can learn what to do and what not to do from them. Look at what types of questions people ask them, and then answer it on your page before they ask. This is a great way to learn what to incorporate into your marketing strategy.

If you want to stay relevant in the current market you have to build a social media presence. This does not mean you have to jump on all platforms at once. Instead figure out the one that works best for you then hire the right people to run it.

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