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PM training in career

Why PM Training Improves Your Career

Are your management functions becoming more complex and demanding? Have you got a job promotion so now you need to develop new skills and abilities to carry out your new responsibilities? Are you looking at improving your career through project management (PM) training? In this article I’m going to tell you why you should get PM training and why your management career will boost after you complete your training and get a PMP certification.

employee training template

Employee Training Template – A Quick Guide to Training Planning

We live in rapidly changing environment in which business success depends extremely upon our employees’ ability to perform their job well. Today every company needs to provide training opportunities to its employees to ensure their skills and knowledge are adequate, up-to-date and sufficient. In this Employee Training Template I talk about three basic steps of the staff training process. This template is a quick guide to help companies understand how to develop and train their personnel.

PRINCE2 methodology: overview and qualification levels

Choosing between PRINCE2 Qualification Levels

PRINCE2 is a flexible traditional methodology of project management (PM) that can be applied to almost any projects regardless of their size and type. The methodology allows focusing on the several constraints (Cost, Time, Quality, etc.) to drive projects on schedule and succeed in benefits realization, while minimizing risks and ensuring acceptable quality. In this article, I talk about the PRINCE2 qualification levels and briefly describe each of the levels in order to help you choose between the levels. Hopefully my work will help you understand the methodology and the qualification levels.

pm mentoring

PM Mentoring – The Importance of Project Staff Training

Perhaps you can hardly find organizations that do not try to follow the practice of successful project management mentoring and project staff training, because the modern competitive environment dictates to business organizations to have educated and skilled employees who can do daily tasks and perform projects with less time and money consumed. Through practising project management mentoring and training, any organization can direct and coordinate its human and material resources throughout the project life-cycle to accomplish established goals within the scope, expected quality, time and budget, while meeting expectations of the stakeholders. Excellence in planning and implementing projects will be achieved if the organization owns training personnel that has earned online project management certifications and accomplished project management certificate programs. In this article I would like to describe a definition of project management mentoring and list its benefits so that you would see the importance of project staff mentoring.