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How to start a project consultancy business online

How to Start a Project Consultancy Business Online

A consultant’s job offers valuable advice and expertise to various organizations, firms, and institutions. These consultations help them to grow their assets and improve their project management, financial situation, and business strategies.

Best Online Project Management Courses

7 Best Online Project Management Courses

There is a shard of truth in every joke. Being a project manager is a responsible and tough job but everything is not so bad. Today, we are going to dive deeper into the essence of this position and offer you 7 online courses that can introduce you to the profession and enhance your existing skills.

MS Power BI Training for data professionals, software engineers and researchers and

9 Reasons Why You Need Microsoft Power B Training

MS Power BI has become popular among data science professionals to visualize and share insights from an organization’s business data. If you are looking at adopting this business intelligence solution in your company, first you need to get some training in Power BI and learn to create and use data models. Here in this article, we give some basic info about MS Power BI and suggest an online course that will help you master data analytics with Power BI modeling & visualizations.