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Project Time Tracking Tips

Five Common Tips on Tracking Time in Projects

Time tracking is one of the biggest parts of a project manager’s job. Because time is critical to success, it needs to be tracked against the schedule throughout the entire project lifecycle until all scheduled activities are accomplished, the customer accepts the product, and all documentation is closed and archived. The project manager takes primary responsibility for monitoring schedule performance, making necessary adjustments, and taking corrective action. In this article I want to highlight 5 common tips on how to make time tracking in projects more effective.

What is Project Duration and How to Estimate It

Project Duration: Definition, Estimation Techniques and Best Software

In this guide, we will look at the essentials of project management time estimation. First, we will define project duration and how to estimate it. Then, we will take a look at the importance of project time estimation. We will also delve deeper into techniques used to measure and estimate project duration.

Project Dashboard and MS Excel – Developing Project Dashboard in Excel Sheets

Project Dashboard and MS Excel – Developing Project Dashboard in Excel Sheets

The term “Project Dashboard” refers to a project tracking tool that provides a project manager with a graph view of the project progress, so that the project manager can see at a glance whether project characteristics are on track. Basically, sample project dashboard is a set of project charts and diagrams that help you review the current status of your project in real time. On the software market there are special project dashboard software products that allow you to build project charts and diagrams as well as project dashboard templates either automatically or manually. An example of project dashboard software that lets manually build project charts and diagrams is MS Excel. Today many people involved in project monitoring and control use project dashboard and MS Excel to have the best chance of success.

In this article, we tried to depict several steps to create a project dashboard view in Microsoft Excel software. You can follow the steps listed below to build project dashboard charts and diagrams in Excel sheets.