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What is Procurement & How to Plan Project Purchases?

Traditionally, the objective of a well-planned procurement process in business is to acquire goods and services in response to internal needs. By accomplishing this objective companies streamline business activities, reduce cost of raw material, and practice better supply management. In terms of project management, the procuring activity involves exploring the most cost-effective way of providing project teams with needed products and services, within available funds and time frames. To recognize how this process can be planned out, first we must understand what procurement is about and what basic steps are involved in defining purchasing requirements for projects and identify potential sellers.

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6 Steps to Buying Right PM Software for Your Organization

Buying right PM (the acronym for “project management“) software for your organization can be challenging and even frustrating as there are hundreds of options, and you have to take a long journey to explore those options in order to find the perfect solution that best fits the needs of your company’s project management environment. But before you give up and stop your search, take a look at the following below 6 steps that will help you find, evaluate and buy right PM software for your business.

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Buying a Franchise Business – The Pros and Cons

deliberate decision on buying a franchise business should be made considering all the pros and cons of the deal. The greatest advantage of franchising for the owner is the ability to bring independent retailers together through using one and the same brand name, model, and business concept. Buying a franchise business means participating in distributing products or services through retailing channels owned by independent operators. Franchising makes it possible for the franchisor to growth the business while minimizing investment activities.