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What is Procurement & How to Plan Project Purchases?

Traditionally, the objective of a well-planned procurement process in business is to acquire goods and services in response to internal needs. By accomplishing this objective companies streamline business activities, reduce cost of raw material, and practice better supply management. In terms of project management, the procuring activity involves exploring the most cost-effective way of providing project teams with needed products and services, within available funds and time frames. To recognize how this process can be planned out, first we must understand what procurement is about and what basic steps are involved in defining purchasing requirements for projects and identify potential sellers.

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Project Procurement Management: 5 Steps of the Process

Managing project procurements and acquisitions requires the project manager to efficiently collaborate with the purchasing department on the process of planning and managing procurements. Project procurement management is a section of the implementation plan to determine how “the ordered products necessary for producing deliverables can be delivered on time and within the allocated budget”. Note that the “Procurement Management” section of the implementation plan will be necessary only for projects that have to deal with substantial buy-in of expertise or capital items. For any other projects where there is no high level of procurement expenditure it is enough to include a procurement item list and a vendors list in the project implementation plan

Managing IT Procurements Process

What is IT Procurement Process and How to Manage It?

IT procurement and purchasing activities are essential to any company that uses information systems, computers and equipment to operate projects, processes and procedures. Today it’s hard to find an organization that does not implement various IT systems and solutions in planning and carrying out processes. The management of IT procurement process needs to be carefully learned and analysed in order to create a foundation for providing firms with high-quality and effective systems and software.

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The Steps for Managing a Procurement Team (Part 2nd)

Learn to manage a procurement team in three more steps, including Motivation, Stress Management and Time Management In the previous Part of this article, two steps of the procurement management process have been listed and described. Now we talk about the rest three steps in this publication.