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Lean Thinking Project Management in Six Sigma & Agile Models

The philosophy of Lean project management teaches us to operate more efficiently by eliminating any defects and waste in products, services, inventory, processing, transportation etc. This philosophy becomes central for Agile software development and Six Sigma process improvement. The principles of Lean thinking and Kaizen management are indispensable for successful Six Sigma implementation. When combined with the DMAIC cycle, Lean-Kaizen contributes to easier identification and quicker resolution of project quality issues. In order to succeed at the largest scale, software development teams combine Agile incremental delivery with Lean-thinking project management.

project lifecycle template

Project Life-Cycle Template – Key Phases of the Generic Model

The ability of managing projects successfully greatly depends upon the right understanding of the phases and activities that create the project life-cycle. Because any kind of project is “a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product or service” (PMI 2000), it is planned, managed and delivered under a definite life-cycle, or the process of by which the process is implemented. The life-cycle characterizes the constraint of time and defines how soon the project product/service will be produced and delivered. Let’s learn more about the point in this project life-cycle template. We’re going to talk about the definition of project life-cycle and provide an overview of the key phases and activities a conventional project steps through. Please feel free to leave your comments and other feedback.

PRINCE2 activities

PRINCE2 Activities: Five Models of Managing Targeted Activities

The PRINCE2 methodology generates a range of activities to manage project constraints such as issues, risks, quality, business requirements, and so on. In order to plan and deliver a PRINCE2-driven project, the project manager needs to understand what activities to run and how they supposed to be managed. In this article we present five models of PRINCE2 activities. The models describe Business Case, Quality, Risks, Issues, and Work Done. The information in this article will help you better understand PRINCE2 activities.

total project management (TPM)

Total Project Management Solutions for Project-Thinking Organizations

Total project management solutions (TPM solutions) will help a project-thinking organization to stabilize the business processes and begin leading employees towards achieving refined efficiency and accountability. In this article, I will briefly talk about what TPM concept means and will also outline a 5-step model for implementing total PM solutions. I guess my considerations will be helpful for management staff and executives in project-thinking organizations.

Marketing PM software

Key Software Tools to Succeed in Marketing Projects

Taking into account today’s business efficiencies, marketing project management is one of the key business management activities to take the highest opportunity in an organization for improving performance and increasing the overall business growth. Marketing project management software is a solution that allows performing the marketing function efficiently through using the principles of project management and planning. It paves the way for focusing marketing project managers and planners on analyzing customer orientation and investigating ways for satisfying customer needs through developing detailed plans, scheduling marketing projects, analyzing and mitigating risks, monitoring performance, building marketing project reports and measuring success. In this article we’ll describe several key marketing project management tools that help establish a working environment in which marketers, analysts and planners can efficiently plan, do, monitor and report marketing project initiatives.