5 Reasons To Get Your Workwear Embroidered

5 Reasons To Get Your Workwear Embroidered
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You are opening up a shop and wondering what kind of uniform you want your employees to wear. You decide on a basic t-shirt, but you cannot decide on the design. You know the shirt must bear the name of your company, but you are wondering if It is worth it to put the employee’s name on the shirt. You wonder what colors the shirt should be and what font will look the best.

If you are trying to design a shirt for your employees to wear, you might want to think about getting embroidered clothing. There are a few reasons embroidered shirts are just better than plain, printed tops.

Embroidery is Eye Catching

When you create workwear,  you are also creating an advertisement for your company. When

people see your employees on a bus, train, or in the grocery store wearing their work shirts, they will see the name of your company.

Embroidery always looks beautiful, and when you use eye-catching colors, people are certain to take a second look at the brand name on the shirt. If the nature of your business is not obvious from the name of your company, people may even ask the employee about what it is you do.

It Gives Your Company an Upscale Look

Not only does embroidery look great. When people see a company name that has been stitched rather than printed, they will get the idea that you have money to spend. If you have money to spend, you must be successful, and if you are successful, you must be worth patronizing.

If you are a new business, you may think that you do not have enough money to embroider all of your work shirts. However, there are on-demand websites where you can simply upload a design and have it printed by an automated sewing machine. This kind of sewing machine makes perfect stitches. You will never have to worry about the thread work snagging or looking lopsided.

Once your shirt is printed, they can mail it right out to you, and you can order one shirt or 100.

Embroidered Shirts Last Longer

You can’t really put embroidery on a cheap flimsy shirt. If you do, the material will not be strong enough to hold the threads, and the shirt will end up looking bunched up. It takes a high-quality shirt to hold on to embroidery threads, and a high-quality shirt will simply last longer than an inexpensive one.

Long-Lasting Lettering

Think about your favorite t-shirt and how the printing wears off after a while. You either have to stop wearing that shirt or get another one just like it. Embroidered stitches last a long time, especially when an automatic machine sews them on. When you use embroidery, the stitches will be perfectly tight, and the embroidery thread does not lose its color.

Embroidery Will Work for All of Your Employees

Many companies have two different shirts; one for people who work in the warehouse and one for people who work in the retail stores dealing with customers. The warehouse worker shirts will be designed for labor, and the retail store employees will be designed for show. Brighter shirts will have the good looks you need for the retail employees. The high-quality material that an embroidered shirt requires will have the resilience needed for workers in the warehouse.

Embroidery is almost always the best way to go. It is beautiful, relatively inexpensive, and gives a shirt a touch of class.

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