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How to overcome project failure

How to Overcome Project Failure and Succeed in Project Management

An attempt to overcome previously failed projects and succeed in future initiatives can be challenging. If your project has been launched before but failed for some reasons, most likely your team and other stakeholders have a negative mindset towards the failure reasons can be addressed and a new project will be successful. The customer or/and the sponsor of the failed project may even convince themselves that they no longer need the outcome that was expected for delivery and so they’re not going to give a new try. Meanwhile, a thorough analysis of failed project management (PM) can greatly help understand what was done wrong, develop feasible solutions, and remove any barrier for future success. Below I give a 6-step approach I personally use in my organization to overcome project failure and succeed in PM.

ERP warnings

ERP Warning Signals, or Why Companies Fail with Their Solutions

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a great way for business organizations to reach their mission-critical objectives. A good ERP system makes it possible to achieve the efficiency and performance with optimized use of resources. But how to make sure that a particular system does not fail? In this article we describe the top 7 warnings that prove inefficiency of outdated ERP solutions. The purpose is to help business managers understand whether their ERP software is harmful or not.

project managers top five sins

The Project Manager’s Top Five Sins

If a project fails, then most likely the reason for this is an incapable PM (Project Manager). That’s almost an axiom. Because project managers take the ultimate responsibility for delivering...

small business mistakes

Top Ten Small Business Mistakes

In context of the best management practices, examining the most frequent small business mistakes is one of the prioritized activities an entrepreneur needs to undertake when planning for a small business start-up. People who tried to start a business but failed can tell you about a lot of reasons for small business failures. Those people can explain why their business initiatives have failed. And if you decide to start your own business, your role will be to learn their experience, investigate the most frequent mistakes, and then try your best to avoid those mistakes and errors. In this article we’ll talk about the top ten small business mistakes that many individuals make when planning for business startup. I hope this short post will help you better understand the “bad” steps of business planning, so your small company will never be one of those outsiders.