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4 Essential Tips on Project Delivery

Do you feel that your project cannot be delivered because it is out of schedule, unaligned with the business objectives or too complex and vaguely planned? Do you have to report to board members about failed delivery? Or perhaps there is lack of finance and team competence? … These and other challenges can break your project. Here’re 4 essential tips that can help you avoid failure and deliver your project successfully.

project objectives document

Project Objectives

Establishing objectives of a project is an activity that takes place during the planning process to determine what the project is supposed to accomplish when ended. Without a clear and comprehensible definition of objectives it is impossible to plan for the end result, that is deliverables. In the following article I tried to explain what objectives mean and how to distinguish the terms “goal” and “objective” as well as the terms “deliverable” and “objective”. This article is a part of the Implementation Guide.

quality control activities

Quality Control Activities – Ensuring that Deliverables Comply with Quality Requirements

Performing quality control activities represents increasingly important concerns for project managers and planners. Quality control activities serve as a safety mechanism that helps prevent occurrence of defects or failures in project facilities and products. Poor implementation of quality control activities often results in very large costs because even with minor defects or deviations, project re-organization may be required. Increased costs and delays may result in customer dissatisfaction. In the worst scenario, defects or failures may cause personal injuries to project participants.

Project WBS

Developing Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

When all the deliverables of the project are defined and the scope is clearly stated, the project manager needs to answer this question: How to make relationships between the deliverables and project work? A work breakdown structure (WBS) is the way to do this. A WBS creates links between the deliverables and their numerous components at all possible levels of project work. It serves as a foundation for planning and defining 100% of the work planned for completion.