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activity schedule

Project Activity Schedule Template

An activity schedule is an analytical tool for graphically presenting and reviewing the activities of a project. It helps to identify the logical sequence of the activities, estimate their duration, and denote any dependencies that exist between them. The activity schedule also serves as a foundation for allocating management authority and responsibility. Having the activity schedule prepared, the project manager can plan for further specification of resources and estimation of costs… The following Project Activity Schedule Template is designed to help project managers create the schedule. The template describes 6 steps of the schedule development process.

ERP selection

A Checklist for Selecting ERP Software

In the following ERP Software Selection Checklist I write about several major steps that will help your organization choose and introduce an ERP solution that meets the business requirements. The steps include a range of tips and suggestions intended to make the checklist more understandable and usable. You can utilize this document as general guidelines for choosing ERP software for your specific corporate environment.

employee training template for team leaders

Employee Training Template for Team Leaders

The team leader has a lot to do with the success of their team. But as a new leader, it can be difficult to know what is expected of them and where they should start. This post includes helpful tips on how to create an employee training template for your team so that you have all the tools needed in your hands from day one. Write up the template and get started!

project design template steps

Project Design Template: A 9-Step Approach to Designing a Project

Designing a project is a challenging task that arises at the initiation phase when the project manager defines the problem, goals, budget, resources and risks of the project. This Project Design Template helps do this task. The template offers a generic approach to developing projects in nine steps.

Project Feasibility and Option Analysis Template

Project Feasibility and Option Analysis Template

When you have a project for evaluation and proposal, first you must make sure that you have reviewed and analyzed all adequate alternatives or options to the project. By reading this Project Feasibility and Option Analysis Template you will find out how to identify options, evaluate them for feasibility and select the best one for your project design.