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How to Excel as a Project Manager

Investing in your management skills will ultimately pay off rich dividends. If you are already a project manager, then developing your knowledge and abilities will help you enhance your career and put you ahead of the competition. Here are 5 traits which when improved will help you excel as a project manager.

Pros & Cons of working remotely

Working Remotely: Pros and Cons

Technology has redefined how people do their jobs. Working from home and remote locations is a growing trend. Many people have successfully transitioned from a traditional to virtual office. With the ability to work remotely comes different effects on how business gets done. Modern technology has changed how most companies operate and communicate. It allows businesses to expand operations from a limited geographic region to anywhere in the world. Like any other business tool, working remotely offers distinct advantages and disadvantages.

PM training in career

Why PM Training Improves Your Career

Are your management functions becoming more complex and demanding? Have you got a job promotion so now you need to develop new skills and abilities to carry out your new responsibilities? Are you looking at improving your career through project management (PM) training? In this article I’m going to tell you why you should get PM training and why your management career will boost after you complete your training and get a PMP certification.

self managemen skills

Self-Management Skills for Employees, or How to Be a Productive Employee

Developing self-management skills becomes one of the best management practices and activities of those people who have decided to become more productive employees. While companies tend to spend large amounts of both money and energy to provide their employees with special self-management skills training, each employee can personally organize self-assessment surveys to define whether he or she has the required skills. This effort is extremely important for workers oriented on aggressive career development. Without the personal effort for developing self-organization and self-management skills, it’s hard to imagine a productive employee succeeding in career promotion and professional advancement. This article is designed to help you answer the question “What are self management skills?” and how to be a productive employee.