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Seismic Shift in Human Resources Functionality

Seismic Shift in Human Resources Functionality

The human resources industry has undergone huge changes over the last few years. In the past a company’s HR department might have been largely concerned with recruitment and disciplinary and compliance issues, but changes in both HR practices and businesses’ expectations have contributed to the transformation of this traditional role.

A business case for IT investment project

IT Investment Business Case in 7 Steps

When a business organization decides whether or not to invest in a kind of technology innovation project, the first thing this organization needs to consider is the business value that can be delivered with this project. In such situations, a business case can be used as a framework for measuring business value and profitability of IT investment opportunities in terms of ROI (Return on Investment). In this article you will find out how to develop a business case for an IT investment project. Here we describe a 7-step approach to writing IT investment business case.

ERP and business agility

Business Agility with ERP Systems, or How to React to Business Changes

Enterprise resource planning (or ERP) system is a great choice for companies that want to reach the agility in their business activities. ERP allows for identification and planning of the resource needs, thus it is the basis for quick and cost-effective enterprise-wide decisions. An organization that deploys a modern ERP system is able to reach the four states of business agility, such as Flexibility, Balance, Adaptation, and Coordination. This organization becomes agile because it knows how to react to business changes. ERP provides the company with real-time business intelligence reports, process automation, mobility, and innovative development. In this article you can learn how modern ERP systems can help your business be agile and responsive to changing environments.

ERP warnings

ERP Warning Signals, or Why Companies Fail with Their Solutions

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a great way for business organizations to reach their mission-critical objectives. A good ERP system makes it possible to achieve the efficiency and performance with optimized use of resources. But how to make sure that a particular system does not fail? In this article we describe the top 7 warnings that prove inefficiency of outdated ERP solutions. The purpose is to help business managers understand whether their ERP software is harmful or not.