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business project risk management

Business Success through Project Risk Management

Effective project risk management, in combination with a powerful project management plan, is the real way to solve most of the issues that a business project encounters throughout its lifecycle and to move it towards successful accomplishment. Let’s try to combine business management to project risk management.

business support planning: how to

How to Keep Your Business Viable and Profitable

Effective business support planning becomes one of the most critical activities within successful small business maintenance and development. By developing a complete business support plan, company owners, managers and executives get more chances to make their businesses viable, stable and profitable. A viable business support plan gives a clear explanation on how each of the business activities maintained by a company can fit together to produce profits. In this article we will talk about the importance of business support planning, review the definition of a business support plan and also highlight the key services included in the plan.

project constraints and project assumptions

Project Constraints and Project Assumptions – A Planning Checklist

Efficient planning for project success significantly depends on the right statement of the constraints and assumptions. Why are constraints and assumptions in project management so important? The answer is that because setting proper project constraints and assumptions paves the way for adequate risk analysis, efficient project planning and timely project delivery. This article is intended to give you definitions of both project constraints and project assumptions and also show what steps can be taken to determine the key characteristics of project success.

project scope management

Managing Scope for Project Success

Can you start a new project without having a clear scope statement? Perhaps, you can’t. The project scope management process is required to make a stable foundation for scope. Implementation of the process ensures project success. Project scope management is essential because it helps teams make scope unambiguous and carefully managed. The project scope management process provides a formalized set of procedures for stating, executing, tracking and controlling scope. In this article we’ll focus on the goals and functions of the process. I hope the information written in the article will give a better understanding of project scope management and help you plan and do your projects more efficiently.