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How to overcome project failure

How to Overcome Project Failure and Succeed in Project Management

An attempt to overcome previously failed projects and succeed in future initiatives can be challenging. If your project has been launched before but failed for some reasons, most likely your team and other stakeholders have a negative mindset towards the failure reasons can be addressed and a new project will be successful. The customer or/and the sponsor of the failed project may even convince themselves that they no longer need the outcome that was expected for delivery and so they’re not going to give a new try. Meanwhile, a thorough analysis of failed project management (PM) can greatly help understand what was done wrong, develop feasible solutions, and remove any barrier for future success. Below I give a 6-step approach I personally use in my organization to overcome project failure and succeed in PM.

Tips Managing Programs Successfully

Tips on Managing Programs Successfully

Success in managing a program greatly depends on how well each related project is performed and whether all possible conflicts with other related projects are resolved early. In my experience in managing programs successfully I see that today’s normal business environment requires team leaders to carry out multiple projects in parallel, while those individuals should also take care of superior customer service and acceptable team performance. And a company that succeeds in managing parallel projects will outpace the competition. Thus, successful program management is a competitive edge and essential for business growth. Here I suggest you 5 tips on how to manage a program successfully.

project delivery tips

4 Essential Tips on Project Delivery

Do you feel that your project cannot be delivered because it is out of schedule, unaligned with the business objectives or too complex and vaguely planned? Do you have to report to board members about failed delivery? Or perhaps there is lack of finance and team competence? … These and other challenges can break your project. Here’re 4 essential tips that can help you avoid failure and deliver your project successfully.

Project success best practices

5 Best Practices for Managing Projects Successfully

The practice of project management embraces a great variety of projects that come in all possible shapes and sizes. Some businesses drive small and simple projects while other companies are involved in managing larger and more complex ones. But whatever project size, type or complexity, there are 5 best practices for managing projects successfully. If you follow these practices, you are likely to keep your project up and successful. If you don’t, there is an increased likelihood that your project will fail, or just end up with no desired result produced. In order to help you do everything right within your project, here are the 5 best practices for managing projects successfully.

business project risk management

Business Success through Project Risk Management

Effective project risk management, in combination with a powerful project management plan, is the real way to solve most of the issues that a business project encounters throughout its lifecycle and to move it towards successful accomplishment. Let’s try to combine business management to project risk management.