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Project Management and Marketing: How to Promote a Project?

PM and Marketing: How to Promote a Project?

Undoubtedly, effective project management (PM) is critical to project success. A project manager needs to be well skilled and have a broad experience in PM in order to succeed at project execution. However, in today’s normal business environment traditional PM skills and abilities (such as leadership, communication, delegation, etc.) are no longer enough; project managers must also be good at marketing in order to promote their projects and be sure they do the things right and get closer to success… In other words, in today’s business environment marketing and project management are closely tied. Moreover, marketing has already become a built-in module of the PM framework, and so no success can be reached without right marketing tactics… In this article, I’m going to describe several marketing tactics that can help project managers keep their projects promoted and accelerated.

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The Importance of Market Research Explained, or Why You should Research Markets

Today it is nearly impossible to efficiently sell a product or service without having conducted market research. The importance of market research is that a business company gains a suite of solutions for developing business processes, increasing profits, improving company performance, investigating competitors and getting more satisfied customers. The following article highlights three key opportunities that your organization can gain from planning and conducting market research.

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Key Software Tools to Succeed in Marketing Projects

Taking into account today’s business efficiencies, marketing project management is one of the key business management activities to take the highest opportunity in an organization for improving performance and increasing the overall business growth. Marketing project management software is a solution that allows performing the marketing function efficiently through using the principles of project management and planning. It paves the way for focusing marketing project managers and planners on analyzing customer orientation and investigating ways for satisfying customer needs through developing detailed plans, scheduling marketing projects, analyzing and mitigating risks, monitoring performance, building marketing project reports and measuring success. In this article we’ll describe several key marketing project management tools that help establish a working environment in which marketers, analysts and planners can efficiently plan, do, monitor and report marketing project initiatives.