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feasibility study template

Feasibility Study Template: How to Assess Project Viability

This Feasibility Study Template gives decision makers responsible for undertaking a feasibility analysis a starting point for developing a complete and comprehensive document. The template provides a table of contents outlining what sections and sub-sections should be included in a feasibility study. It is available for free download. You can use this Feasibility Study Template to minimize document preparation pressures and develop a standard feasibility study document for use in the organization.

Project Appraisal Template

Project Appraisal Template

Appraising a project means reviewing and evaluating this project for feasibility and cost-effectiveness to understand and approve the project concept, which explains what problem/need to address and what solution to implement. This Project Appraisal Template is designed to help analysts and appraisers to assess and justify theirs projects. It comprises a range of steps and activities to be taken during the project initiation or pre-planning phase. The Template describes the method that is based on best practices of project management (PMI and PRINCE2 standards).

Project Boundaries Identification: The What and the Why

Project Boundaries Identification: the What and the Why

The boundaries of a project generally identify what is included within project work. Project boundaries represent one of the components of the project scope statement. This component is called “The Project Boundaries Identification“. It clearly defines the extent of the project scope (the scope baseline) and serves as an efficient tool for making decisions on the content of project work. In this article we will talk on how to identify the project boundaries and why project boundaries identification is important for implementing a project