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Tips to launching a new blog project

Launching a New Blog Project – The Basic Considerations

Before beginning to develop and code a new blog, it is important to be able to answer a range of questions about the target audience, goals, resources, website feasibility, and others. A good blogger must understand that a new blog project requires preliminary steps to be taken before starting the development process. In this article I review the basic considerations about launching a new blog project. My suggestions will help a blogger to understand what he/she needs to launch and why. I highlight the issues that must be considered prior to the website development phase.

Blog PM - Blogging thru Project Management

Blogging through Project Management, or How to Be an Efficient Blogger

Blogging appears to be efficient if project management (PM) is used as the basis for blog management. I call it Blog PM. In this article I write how to become an efficient blogger through following the ideas of PM. You will read about the key components of the project planning process. The article will help you understand how to plan for an efficient blog