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A guide to project risk analysis

Project Risk Analysis Guide

The Project Risk Analysis Guide provides only general recommendations regarding the processes involved in project risk analysis. It presents a simple yet practical approach to help project managers, analysts and other personnel in getting started with identifying and managing risks affecting their projects. The Guide does not provide a definitive explanation of all the methods, techniques and tools that can be utilized in complete risk analysis and management. But this document highlights an approach that covers the basics for implementing an effective risk analysis. This approach can be used in most projects for analyzing and responding to most types of risk.

feasibility study template

Feasibility Study Template

This Feasibility Study Template gives decision makers responsible for undertaking a feasibility analysis a starting point for developing a complete and comprehensive document. The template provides a table of contents outlining what sections and sub-sections should be included in a feasibility study. It is available for free download. You can use this Feasibility Study Template to minimize document preparation pressures and develop a standard feasibility study document for use in the organization.

Project Feasibility Option Analysis Template

Project Feasibility and Option Analysis Template

When you have a project for evaluation and proposal, first you must make sure that you have reviewed and analyzed all adequate alternatives or options to the project. By reading this Project Feasibility and Option Analysis Template you will find out how to identify options, evaluate them for feasibility and select the best one for your project design.

justifying project

Justifying a Project Through Analysis

Justifying the project is a great mechanism to confirm that our project really addresses the need and paves the way for improvement. In this article I will talk about analysis which is regarded as a great and convenient way to justify and confirm projects

strategy for managing stakeholders

Developing a Strategy for Managing Stakeholders: Stakeholder List and Stakeholder Analysis Matrix

In the previous article we described two major steps for engaging key stakeholders in project implementation. Now we are going to talk on how to establish productive relationships with key stakeholders. We will focus on the key points for developing a strategy for managing stakeholders.